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Employment at Mohonk Mountain House

Mohonk Mountain House stands in the midst of 24,000 acres of the Shawangunk Ridge, preserved for the enjoyment of all who make their way to this serene and welcoming resort.

Founded in 1869, Mohonk, owned and operated by the Smiley Family for four generations, promotes a warm and inclusive atmosphere. This National Historic Landmark is a Victorian castle situated on a majestic setting next to a glacier lake, where employees are welcome to, and encouraged to, use many of the resort facilities and participate in activities as a complimentary benefit of their employment.

A commitment to personal service is high on the agenda at the resort. Starting will a full day Orientation, new employees learn about the history, geography and marketing of Mohonk, and then continue their learning processes through on-going customer service training and skill development "on-the-job".

Mohonk welcomes applicants with a positive attitude, a wish to use their skills and knowledge to provide "legendary" customer service, and a desire to learn and grow. Mohonk is proud to have promoted many employees "from Within" and seeks to foster a sense of teamwork and commitment to excellence throughout the resort.

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